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Lari Jalbert Curriculum vitae


2016 Costume & Set Design, National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal, Qc.

2015 New England pupet intensive

2014 Set-design assistant(Hospitanz) with Barbe&Doucet, Staatsoper, Hambourg GE  

2012 Drama, Costume & Set Design , University of Quebec in Montreal, Qc.

2011 Letters, Theater & Cinema, (D.E.C), Cegep de Drummundville, Qc.



Directed films


Sand swept. Co-director and performer - short experimental with co-director Sigrid Patterson. film made in New Mexico.


post_cunt. Director & Writer - short experimental sci-fi queer film commissioned by Cinéma politica through Documentary futurism grant.


Soft canoe. Director & writer - experimental self-portrait filmed on a canoe. Research on the meeting of water, sensualities and the city. Mtl.

Art Direction & Scenography


Quartett. Costume Designer, a play of Heiner Müller directed by Solène Paré, Théâtre Espace Go, Mtl.

Earthling. Assitant costume designer for Jessa Baka (Zuzu Knew). Directed by Nate Yaffe. dance/performance show created between Montréal and Reykjavik


hron a country of ghosts. Art Director & writer - utopian queer sci-fi. Montreal/Petite nation partnership with PRIM & GRIV. Adapted from Margarette Killjoy’s novel a country of ghosts.


Hosting spring . Scenographer - sculptural immersive installation, an in situ space ritual at Doily void, Montreal.

Swarm of selenium . Art Director - 30mins short movie, produced by the glass collective, Berlin, GE production, founded by CALQ, District and LOJIQ screened in montréal (Neverappart gallery, Projections insurgées),in Berlin(District;Kunst & kultur fÖrderrung,  Raumerweiterungshalle)and Sweden (Göteborg's riots and popcorn film fest)



Flour Fae Divination. online performance for 2:59s, Queer performance camp at studio 303. Curated by Winnie Ho and Justin De Luna. Mtl.



voyage en 3 actes, interdisciplinary performance in collaboration with Sigrid Patterson. Rope, music and storytelling. performed at Festival la Nuit Noire, Brownsburg Chatham, Qc.


walk up to the snakeinterdisciplinary performance, music, sticks, choal and movement in collaboration with Toino Dumas as part of les pisseuses body of work. Vermont Witch camp.


Of Light and Whispers. light installation & live performance for la Maison de Velour, Atomic Cafe, Mtl. 


Palimpsest, experimental music performance, layers of voice, tape cassette and appliances in collaboration with Camille R. Balcer and Gabriel Amaurice. Cabaret fleuve de février, Casa del popolo, Mtl. 


Being lonely. sculptural performance collaboration with Xioamay Huang & Chen Wen at Mass MoCA(Museaum of contemporay art or Massachuset).Object theater and movement, MA.


of red stringinterdisciplinary sculptural performance in collaboration with Toino Dumas as part of les pisseuses body of work. installation in situ held by the public, fire and strings. performed at L'Achoppe, Mtl.

Morte. interdisciplinary & ritualistic performance in collaboration with Toino Dumas as part of les pisseuses body of work. Rope, movement and full body burial. performed at festival la Nuit Noire, Ripon, Qc.

LADY. table top gender fuck puppet pole dance performance in collaboration with Gabrielle Carrère. performed at festival la Nuit Noire, Ripon, Qc.

Tête de clou. Puppetteer and set desinger. Written, produced and directed by L'infâme collective(2013-2017),presented at le Castelier fest, Ouf fest, Marionnettes plein la rue fest, funéraille des beaux jours fest, Carmagnol fest etc. 



Opus-Lunae. experimental Shadow theater on the moon work and legends related to it. In collaboration with Camille Rosset Balcer. Presented at cabaret cafe concret, Mtl.

Comissionned work


Faith hole. by Nate Yaffe. comissionned for costume. Solo dance performance presented at MAI center, Mtl

Seeds Cast Afar From Our Roots. comissionned costume designer. 3-hour durational work in collaboration with Winnie Ho,  Angie Cheng & Chi Long. MAI center, Mtl.


post_cunt. Director & Writer. commissioned by Cinéma politica through Documentary futurism grant. short experimental sci-fi queer film





Floral Sleep. workshop assistant for Coral Short - exploration of sounds emitted by nature, in the spirit of ASMR* at Studio Ada X, Mtl.

la forêt. facilitator and creator. 10 part serie workshop researching the interaction of voice and the emotional body. Studio Ed, Mtl.

Events and Organizing


Nuit Noire (2015-2019). 3 day Performance art & workshop event at the crossroads of rural and urban communities.

Mâche Puppet (2013-2017). A serie of cabaret nights of experimental DIY performances and puppetry.

Résidence puppet à mouche (2020). One month residency researching puppetry and the collective mind in time of pandemic. Ripon, Qc.



*(in construction)*





(2017) Hosting spring, sculptural immersive installation, an in situ space ritual at Doily void, Montreal.


Texte : Heiner Müller
Traduction : Jean Jourdheuil + Béatrice Perregaux
Mise en scène : Solène Paré

Avec Adrien Bletton + Ève Pressault

Assistance à la mise en scène : Jasmine Kamruzzaman
Décor et accessoires : Elen Ewing
Lumières : Martin Sirois
Costumes : Lari Jalbert
Assistance aux costumes : Robin Brazill
Conception et intégration vidéo : Antonin Gougeon / Hub Studio
Assistance lumière : Chantal Labonté
Conception sonore : Andréa Marsolais-Roy
Dramaturgie : Alice Ronfard
Direction de production : Audrey Blouin
Direction technique : Alex Gendron

Une coproduction ESPACE GO + Fantôme, compagnie de création
Le spectacle a bénéficié du soutien du Conseil des arts du Canada et de celui du Conseil des arts de Montréal.
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