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Swarm of selenium(2017)

ART DIRECTOR (costume & set design)


Directed by: Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka

produced by: Glass collective 

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In the surreal dystopian present, a group of friends cohabit the shells of an abandoned malt factory. As a troubling pattern begins to emerge from their mouths in the form of shattered glass, all are shaken, but some are hit harder than others. Through dance, visual work, and anti-work, they merge forces to try to care for one another and combat the insidious violent process which seems to increasingly come from within.

Swarm of Selenium is a short sci-fi film about collective healing, trauma, and other world-making. It was shot in Berlin in spring 2016 by a crew of more than 40 women, nonbinary and trans artists.

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